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Multilingual DTP can be very complicated with different language scripts, fonts, file formats etc. even simple jobs become extremely time and energy consuming. Sometimes resources and expertise fall short and you end up unwillingly adjusting with the undesirable outcome. Some of the crucial complexities that must be remembered are as follows

  • Post translation the content never remains the exact size. It may swell or it may shrink.
  • Page layouts need to be different for different languages. For some text orientation is vertical, for some it is horizontal. Some are written right to left while others left to right. Knowing the right way of culture is very important.
  • Numerical content is also written with different methods in different languages for example where English take a point (.), the French take a comma(,) number 45.67 in French will be written as 45,67.
  • Country specific formats of writing amount of money, dates etc. are different.
  • Punctuation marks are different in different languages. For example the quotation marks in English are as (“-----”) while in French they are as (<<----->>).
  • Some languages such as german have some very specific rules about which words should start with capital letters and which not. In order to get accurate DTP knowing these kinds of rules and norms is very important.
  • The grammar and pronunciation rules are no minor factor in Desktop publishing services. They need be strictly adhered in any language be it hyphenation or apostrophies or em dashes etc.

We at Wordsmith recognize the fact that Multilingual Desktop publishing is a serious business. It has technical complexities as well as cultural norms involved in it. We have a very strong resource network and expertise in the matter. Be assured that your job is in hands of someone you can rely on. let us make things simpler for you! Just share your requirement details and get your job done the way you want it.

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