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We here at Wordsmith Language Solutions often undertake legal transcription work. Legal transcription service means converting your audio evidence file into text.

This is a fairly crucial service now made available in Pune by Wordsmith Language Solutions. We accept audio files in MP4 format. These are normally the recordings made on mobile phone or on recorders by clients. Our team then listens to these files carefully and transcripts it word by word maintaining 99.9% accuracy. Then we certify and submit our clients the transcript pages. We also provide a transcription authentication certificate on our letterhead which clients can easily presented in court as an authenticated evidence to support their case.

Transcription is a tedious task and needs to be done with utmost care and attention. It is not only a time consuming work but also needs a lot of skill and concentration. As we regularly undertake these kinds of assignments, we have developed an expertise to provide accurate and authentic transcripts.

We understand the importance of confidentiality in case of legal matters and hence we guarantee 100% confidentiality to our clients. Your audio evidences are safe with us. We also willingly sign NDA with our clients to take responsibility of safety of their audio evidences while we work on them. In fact we are so extremely sensitive towards the non-disclosure that we never outsource transcription work from our office. Legal transcriptions are always done in the office by our in house team only.