December 23, 2016




Language barriers can make working with international clients and vendors very difficult. Let our interpreters give you a helping hand right there. They can make this communication experience smooth so that you can concentrate solely on the business part. We provide on sight interpretation, conference, simultaneous interpretation and also telephonic interpretation services.


Corporate clients

Business needs of language learning can be very specific. Some companies want their employees to simply know the survival skills while some want them to communicate fluently in the foreign language. Be it for marketing purpose or for business relations, we have a course moulded just perfectly for you.

A few reasons why you should go nowhere else are

  • Interactive sessions that keep the “students” engaged.
  • Using audio-visual media, and multiple references from the cultural contexts.
  • Standard course material along with text book, workbook, audiovisual CDs and DVDs, teacher’s worksheets etc. to make sure that students always have enough resources to practice.
  • Regular assessment and evaluation of each student. We can also provide regular reports to management regarding each student’s progress.
  • International exams support: in case you want your employees to appear for international language examinations such as DELF/DALF, DELE, J.L.P.T. etc. we can provide you complete support.

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Individual clients

We provide personal training to individual clients. Where we prepare you for international standard examinations such as J.L.P.T., DELF/DALF, DELE, Goethe institut etc. for French, german, Japanese and Spanish languages.