December 23, 2016




For most of translations we follow ‘rate per source word’ price model. For legal documents in some language pairs we may also offer ‘rate per source page’ pricing. We offer standard flat rates for certificate translation and apostille service. Our rates are competent and offer you best value for money guarantee.

What do the rates include?

  • 100% human translation done by expert handpicked translators.
  • Proofreading
  • Typing and Basic formatting.
  • Dedicated project manager updating you time to time
  • Post-delivery support for 20 working days.

Below is our indicative pricing.

Language pair Rate per source word
English <-> French /German /Spanish as low as INR 1.60 / USD 0.027
English <-> Chinese/ Japanese as low as INR 2.40 / USD 0.04
English <-> Hindi / major Indian vernacular as low as INR 1/ 0.017
*Indicative rates. Actual rates may vary depending on factors mentioned below.

Factors influencing our pricing

1. Volume of the data to be translated

2. Domain and complexity of the content

3. Language pairs

4. Expected turnaround time

For further queries feel free to contact us.