December 23, 2016




The value we bring to our clients is NOT in finding a translator to do their job, but in selecting the right translator from the huge number of freelance translators working around the world. We provide 100% human translations, and we always prefer native translators. However, apart from this we also assess translators further on their translation quality based on following criteria

Grammar and spelling accuracy
Flow of text
Subject matter expertise
Ability to research terminology
Understanding of the cultural contexts

We can provide you proofreading service in order to be extra sure of the quality of translation. Best of our translators work on your documents and after that our experienced proofreaders and seasoned translators assess and improve the translation quality.

We can let you know the time duration after assessing the volume and other aspects of the assignment such as domain, languages, formatting etc. in case our estimated duration is too long for you(in case you need a quicker turnaround, we can handle the project on an urgent basis by increasing the man power working on your assignment.

We charge per word and sometimes per page for translations and content writing The cost depends on various aspects such as language pair, domain, formatting requirements, volume etc. Although we have a standard pricing structure, we believe in giving discounted rates to our regular clients and for greater volumes as well. Please share the details of your requirement with us and we shall get back to you with a quotation. Or call or representative at your company to discuss in person.

You can share the document with us in soft copy or hard copy format. We can work with multiple file formats.

Our translators do what they can do best, i.e. translate. We provide them all the technical support for formatting of the documents. Moreover we have a dedicated DTP team onboard that takes care of formatting issues.

No, we do not have speakers of every language onboard. We work with freelance translators around the world. We have a dedicated team which coordinates with native translators to bring you the best quality linguistic services.

Machines translate literally and hence cannot maintain accuracy in the translation. Very often machine translations become as difficult to understand as the original text in foreign languages. As of now translation is something that only human brain can do with perfection. Machine translations cannot deliver reliable translation quality.

No, it is not necessary. You can email us the documents, and we can send you soft copies of translated documents by email. We can also send hard copies by courier. We accept online payment as well.

Yes, we can handle high volume translation projects. A team of multiple translators works simultaneously on the project. We share specific terminology requirements with the entire team of translators in order to maintain the consistency in the entire translated document. Our project manager coordinates and controls quality standards by coordinating between proofreaders, subject matter experts and translators. We regularly update you on the status of the work.

We can commit confidentiality by signing an NDA (Non disclosure agreement) with you to maintain the confidentiality of the documents. We legally bind the translators with NDA before sharing a sample, or assigning a project to them.

No, that is not necessary. We rather prefer working with photocopies of the documents. We also accept scanned soft copies in image or PDF format of the hard copies.